Woman Points Out The Sexist Double Standard Of These Children’s Onesies

Every time is starts to feel like we’re making progress, something will pop up on the timeline that reminds me there’s still really far to go. Screenwriter Emani Dawan posted an image on Twitter that showed we are trying to teach kids as early as possible what sexism is. But not in an educational way; it’s like we want them to experience sexism before they can walk.

Dawan writes she saw two onesies at BuyBuy Baby and they “pissed” her off. On the left was a blue onesie that read, “Chicks are all over me.” On the right was a pink onesie, that read, “I’m not allowed to date…ever.” Good to know, because a baby really shouldn’t be dating. For the blue one, I can only hope that baby is being raised on an actual chicken farm.

It’s a very weird impulse for a parent to immediately sexualize their children, especially because it implies so much about them. That they’re straight, that you want them to enter a convent, or be a player, or never enjoy the wonderful high school tradition of prom. It’s kind of a joke, but kind of not, because these are the sorts of expectations put on little girls and boys from a very early age. Very. Early.

Lots of people are pretty disgusted with the image, but not surprised. It’s a pretty common thing that people do:

Are we really still doing shot gun weddings, lady? This isn’t the wild west.

There were also a lot of people in the “it’s not that serious” camp:

It’s true that the baby doesn’t know what the heck its onesie says, so it’s not that big a deal. But I’d argue that you’re really setting the tone for how this whole parenting thing is gonna go and it also implies a lot of things you don’t really know about who this kid will be. Will your child be be heterosexual? What’s their gender identity?

Let’s keep our ideas about sex away from babies until they’re old enough to think to ask about it on their own.