‘Silicon Valley’ Star Thomas Middleditch Gets Dragged For Talking Openly About Swinging

Have you ever wanted to know way too much about Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch’s sex life? You’re in luck. The comedian and actor made a real splash with a profile in the newest issue of Playboy. Being Playboy, the interviewer and subject clearly felt it was necessary to discuss sex. Admittedly, many of us are curious about other people’s sex lives, especially celebrities, but some of what Middleditch said is raising eyebrows.

Basically, Middleditch and his wife Mollie are “in the lifestyle,” which is the updated modern way to say “swingers.”

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They have sex with other people, sometimes together, sometimes at parties, under specific parameters they both set. I personally do not find this strange or icky or bad at all. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, it sounds like it’s probably a lot of fun.

What is giving me, and many other people, some anxiety is how Middleditch talks about his wife. For one, he explicitly says she’s a private person before sharing all their intimate secrets in an on-the-record interview.

When asked if he’s afraid he’ll become the face of the lifestyle by talking about it, he says, “I would be honored to be the face of something. I don’t give a f*ck, but my wife is more private, so I have to juggle that. “

Is she? So why did we get this paragraph from Middleditch:

“Mollie and I have created our own rules, and compared to most of the people we’ve met who do this kind of shit, our rules are strict. We’re not off on our own; we’re together, a unit. It’s a perpetual state of management and communication, to the point where it’s like, ‘All right, we’ve got to stop. Chill.’ I’m gas, and she’s brakes.”

He also says he often wants to have sex with fans, but Mollie is uncomfortable with that, and that he basically told her he needed an open relationship after they were married—and kind of implies he’d cheat if he couldn’t be open. Blech.

Middleditch says he and Mollie are writing a comedy series about their gas and breaks dynamic, but it doesn’t sound like enthusiastic consent to me, or to anyone else on the Internet:

But other people think all the negativity being directed at Middleditch has to do with their own sex-negativity and suspicion of open relationships:

Truly, do whatever you want in your relationship, just respect each other’s boundaries. When your wife tells you she wants to be private about your sex life, don’t blab to Playboy.