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Author Pens Poem About Being “Single By Choice,” And It Resonates With Women

Kate Rose is a writer, speaker and life coach with 11.5k Instagram followers and 107,726 Facebook followers.

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She uses her platform to speak about love in all forms, self-confidence, and spirituality. For those who follow Kate, they frequently see inspirational musings. and her most recent post is in honor of those who are proudly single by choice.

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On Dec. 13, Kate added a photo of herself to her Instagram and Facebook pages, with the below caption:

She’s single by choice
It seems we’ve been spoon fed the belief that single is a sentence
A role
Title that is forced upon us
It means we’re lacking
And searching
Single was the word encased in bitterness within the mouths of those who asked why
Who couldn’t believe that maybe there’s a difference between open
And searching
Looking and being found
Because believe it not
Male or female
We have other priorities than to date
We’re not looking to fill a void
We’re not looking to fit in
Or escape loneliness
This tribe
Of warriors
Are single by choice
Not circumstance
We’ve learned theres no greater aloneness than laying next to the one who never really saw us from the beginning
Being looked through rather than at
While being reduced to a character in the story of another
Giving up our identity to play a supporting role
But this isn’t about being superhuman
Wonder Woman
Not needing anyone powerhouse
But in being so vulnerable we’re strong
So capable we’re discerning
And so content we’re patient
Single by choice languishes over healthy boundaries
And hard no’s
Single by choice doesn’t say yes unless it’s an all in hell yes
It’s unapologetic
Free flowing
Knowing what we deserve
And honoring another if we don’t mesh
Single by choice
Isn’t searching for a boyfriend
Wifey material
Or even love
Single by choice is only focused on the moment
The dreams the ambitions
The adventure of life
Knowing when the timing is right
She won’t be able to help bumping into love
And who knows this time
It may just last forever.

She’s single by choiceIt seems we’ve been spoon fed the belief that single is a sentenceA role Title that is forced…

Posted by Kate Rose on Friday, December 13, 2019

After publishing, Kate received words of encouragement from fellow Instagram and Facebook users who resonated with her words. Many thanked her for her perspective, while others shared their own pride in being single.

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Kate Rose also has a book available on Jan. 14, 2020, for those looking for more wisdom.