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This Viral Thread About Sled Dogs Is Teaching People To Love Their Bodies

The media is constantly telling people that their bodies aren’t good enough. From retouched photos in magazines, to endless diet trends, to impossible fitness routines, there are countless ways people are pushed to achieve a uniform idea of perfection.

But the truth is that there is no one standard body type. Each person’s body is different. It can be difficult to remember that, but one Twitter thread is providing folks with plenty of body positivity. But, all the tips to love your body just the way it is are coming from an unlikely source: sled dogs.

Blair Braverman, a professional dog sledder and the author of Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube: Chasing Fear and Finding Home in the Great White North, took to Twitter to share some lessons about bodies that she’s learned from her sled dogs.

Braverman begins her thread by saying that “having sled dogs has been so good for my body image.”

She says that the hands-on care she gives to all her dogs has helped her to realize some truths about bodies that she had never really internalized before.

The sentence “all bodies are different” is basically a cliché, since so many people use it as a body positive mantra. But for Braverman, she discovered its true meaning through her dogs’ bodies.

Each of Braverman’s dogs has a specific care routine, and that’s helped her to recognize – and celebrate – their differences.

Each dog has a different diet and physically trains differently.

Braverman even points out that sometimes dogs are born with bodies that make things a little harder for them, but they just need to do things their own way in order to succeed.

She starts to wrap up the parade of cute dog pics by pointing out that the differences in the dogs’ bodies don’t make one dog better than the other.

Just like dogs’ bodies are all different, so are humans’ bodies. Braverman is hopeful that the same lessons she’s learned about her dogs can help people embrace the differences in our bodies.

It’s an important reminder that every body is wonderful in its own way.

Braverman’s thread has received tens of thousands of likes, and the replies prove that people are responding to her empowering and adorable message.

Braverman and her dogs may have brought us the new go-to body positivity lesson.