Sophie Turner Condemns ‘Game Of Thrones’ Meme Promoting White Supremacy

Sophie Turner is NOT here for your white supremacy memes.

The actress denounced a racist meme featuring her Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark on Saturday after a now-unavailable tweet advocated for “Purity In Race and Culture.”

“White people are the product of 50,000 years of evolution. Do not destroy our genetic legacy by race mixing,” the image of Sansa Stark was captioned. “Do it right! Date and marry white!”

Turner’s response to the racist meme was straightforward. “Ew,” she wrote. “Please don’t use me to promote racism.”

She had a similar response to Donald Trump’s befuddling ‘Sanctions Are Coming’ tweet last fall, with which he captioned a photo of himself using GoT font.

Turner doesn’t tweet often, but when she does, it generally concerns matters of some significance. Earlier this month, she wrote a Twitter thread explaining how harmful jokes about mental illness could be and prompted those who suffered from suicidal thoughts and depression to seek help.

The Queen of the North is not here for your mental illness shaming or your racist remarks.