Stacey Abrams Schools Meghan McCain On Mueller Report To Thunderous Applause

In another segment of Why Is Meghan McCain On The View, Stacey Abrams repeatedly shut down McCain on the subject of the Mueller report by repeating the simple fact that nobody knows what’s in it because Republicans are hiding it. You may remember Stacey Abrams as the woman who very nearly won the Georgia governor’s race in 2018 and then spent months fighting what was pretty clearly some rank voter suppression before eventually conceding. She has remained a staunch voting rights advocate, gave the Democratic response to Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address, and has not ruled out a run for the presidency in 2020.

And she is definitely smarter than Meghan McCain.

As a guest on The View Wednesday, Abrams was of course asked about her thoughts on the Mueller report and the Barr four-page fan letter to Donald Trump. As many people have been saying over and over again, Abrams pointed out that people deserve to know the truth, and they won’t know the truth until they can see it with their own eyes, not have it summarized to them by someone specifically hired to shield the very subject of the report.

Or, in her own words:

Predictably, Meghan McCain just had to weigh in with her usual sharp insights.

“Every Democrat says wait for the Mueller report, wait for the Mueller report, and now it comes out and it seems like Democrats don’t like the results, and so we’re not accepting the results of the Mueller report,” she said.

Host Joy Behar jumped right in to point out the fact that “we don’t know the results,” with Abrams agreeing.

“That’s exactly right, we don’t know the results of the Mueller report,” Abrams said. “We know the results of the summary of a reading of a report by a partisan that was just appointed by the person who was the subject of the report. That’s the problem.”

The audience erupts into applause at this. But does McCain know when she’s beat? Of course not.

“I do believe that when you have the breakdown of what we can trust when it fits whichever narrative that we want, and I myself have many questions still remaining, but they came out and said that there was no collusion, definitively, Mueller said no collusion, so you don’t accept there was no collusion from Mueller?” McCain says.

Mueller didn’t say that, Meghan. Or if he did, we wouldn’t know, because none of us have seen the actual report because Republicans are refusing to release it.

“That was a pundit summary of a complicated question, which is what happened preceding the 2016 election,” Abrams fired back. “I don’t know the answer because I haven’t seen the report.”

The segment ended before McCain could do another loop around the “this is what’s in the report I haven’t seen” track, thankfully.

Seriously, why is McCain on The View? Fans of the show do not seem to like her at all.