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Woman’s Terrifying Twitter Thread About Her Obsessive Stalker Goes Viral. It Happens More Often Than You Think.

Writer and activist Johnnie Jae decided to share a frightening story from her youth about a man who made her life a living hell for months. In a long Twitter thread, Jae explained that when she was 19-years-old, a man started following her home from the local library.

stalker twitter thread

He was in his late 20s, and an employee there.

After she began avoiding the library, he found her again at her new job at McDonald’s. he would show up to eat, and then would wait for her out back.

Jae says that as a teenager, she felt a lot of guilt. She questioned herself, wondering fi she’d done something to even remotely encourage the behavior of this creep. She would also downplay what was happening at first, too embarrassed to tell older adults about the man’s alarming behavior.

And then suddenly, the man disappeared. Jae discovered that he had died in a car accident. She felt terrible, but also relieved. There was no way of knowing how his stalking would escalate, and she was afraid for her own life.

Jae wanted to share her story as a way to encourage other people to be honest about when stalking or harassment is happening to them. Hiding it can put them in further danger. She referenced a story about a 17-ear-old who was recently murdered by a man she met on Discord:

A lot of women responded to Jae’s thread with stories of their own, saying they’d been stalked or were currently being stalked.

These sorts of stories are a powerful reminder that we still live in a world where women in particular are afraid to say “no.”