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Man Posts About How He Could Tell His Wife Never Gets A Moment To Herself As A Mom

A man named Zack Williams has gone viral for acknowledging something we all know: moms work 24/7 for room and board and it’s an abuse of labor. Well, kinda. He frames the issue as an appreciation post for his wife, saying that he works a long day, but hers is longer.

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In his post, Williams writes that he came home from a 12-hour shift—admittedly, a long day— and noticed his daughter’s bassinet was in the bathroom. His wife says she brought it in there when she showered.

The next morning, Williams went to use the shower after the gym, and the room started to fog. he noticed something:

This morning I came home from the gym, turned the shower on, to get cleaned up for work. I turned to the door, and saw where my wife wiped away the steam from the glass, so that she could see our baby girl in the bassinet….

I literally just sat there and stared at the glass and smiled. I could see it, I imagined it, it was like I was there in the room with them. I could see Heather just looking through the glass and making faces at Lottie as she smiled and played in her bassinet! I just melted!!!

It’s so crazy to me, how the smallest things can make me so appreciative of my wife. It’s the little sacrifices my wife makes for this family, that would normally go unnoticed. From caring for our daughter 24/7, to caring for me, cooking , cleaning , taking care of the animals, and taking care of herself (yeah right, there’s no time for that) …

It just makes me stop and think…. I work hard … I work long 10-12 hours days … I get tired … I have stressful days … that’s my right, as the working member in the house hold right … to be catered to hand and foot when I get off ?!?

All she does is have to take care of a baby….

So it should be that she cooks, and keeps the house clean, dishes washed , laundry clean and put up , animals tended to…. and I’m a man, have I mentioned my needs yet ?!?

I mean seriously, she’s at home all day after all!

Okay, ew. If her having sex with you is part of the “job” that’s not cool, hopefully, some of her needs are being met, too, buddy. But Williams continues:

Mannnnn…. I can’t tell you how much this fogged up glass means to me !

The fact that my wife can’t even shower without caring for someone else…. tending to someone else’s needs…. get a second to herself to relax

My wife doesn’t get to clock out, my wife doesn’t get the satisfaction of seeing a check deposited in the bank in return of her hard work, my wife doesn’t get to eat lunch with co workers, my wife doesn’t get to just walk outside and just take a deep breath….

This may be just a fogged up piece of glass to some, but to me it means so much more. It’s the little things like this that don’t go un noticed…. it’s the little things like this that constantly remind me how badass she is …. it’s the little things like this that make me fall in love with her all over again, Heather Williams !

Thank you for being the amazing woman you are… it doesn’t go unnoticed !

? I love you My Queen ?

Though his post ends with a call for more sex and not universal childcare, Williams does have a point. When you’re the primary caretaker for a kid, you don’t get to take breaks the way someone at a regular job does. There are no moments to yourself during the day, as the steamed glass shows.

* Wife appreciation post *I came home yesterday evening after working 12 hours. I went into the bathroom to get…

Posted by Zack Williams on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Williams’ post has been shared over 33,000 times by loving husbands and weary moms. Acknowledging the labor of being a stay-at-home parent is important. But maybe not as important as pitching in. She takes care of all your animals, cleans and does your laundry and cooking? Maybe skip the gym tomorrow and fold some clothes, dude.