Kanye’s Famous Friends Schooled Him After He Tweeted That Republicans Freed The Slaves

After spending the weekend with right-wing commentators Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, Kanye West tweeted out a screencap of a text conversation with someone named Steve. In it, Steve told Kanye that Abe Lincoln had freed the slaves, thus Republicans have historically done more to help black people  than Democrats.

For Kanye — a self-described “proud non-reader of books” — this take was a hot one and worthy enough of sharing on social media.

Steve explained to Kanye that Lincoln was a Republican who “protected the slaves.” He wrote: “Republicans were the ones who’s helped black people,” “Democrats protected the rights of the slave owners in the south.” Kanye was impressed, and told him “I’m gonna tweet this.”

Kanye’s celebrity friends Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and Charlamagne tha God immediately rushed to his aid, hoping to show him that his newfound historical knowledge was not completely accurate.

Kanye tweeted out John Legend’s history lesson with no commentary. Legend explains that though Lincoln was in fact a Republican, it was Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson who passed the Civil Rights Act, ending segregation and resulting in conservative Southern whites leaving the Democratic party.

Charlemagne tha God echoed Legend’s message, calling Kanye’s tweet “stupid” and telling him his platform is simply too big to blindly share half-truths.

20 minutes later, Kanye tweeted out a picture of his fashion brand plans — I’m sorry, I mean, apparel and/or clothing brand.

We await his spicy take on whatever really happened to JFK.