The Students Who Filmed A Blackface Video Have Left The University Of Oklahoma

Two University of Oklahoma students have left the school after facing outrage over a blackface video that was posted to social media.

In the video, originally posted to Snapchat and then distributed to Twitter last Friday, a young woman is shown slathering black paint on her face and hands while laughing and saying racial slurs. The second woman, who was kicked out of her sorority after the video began to go viral, filmed the incident while also laughing.

OU President James Gallogly said the students were not expelled and that the recording was made off-campus.

“Those students will not return to campus,” he announced. “This type of behavior is not welcome here and is condemned in the strongest terms by me and by our university.”

Though Gallogly added that he was “saddened” about the incident, he cited free speech and neglected to mention whether any disciplinary action would be taken.

“We expect all of our students, staff and faculty to respect the diversity and cultural backgrounds of others,” Gallogly said. “While students have the freedom of expression, the negative impact of such conduct cannot be underestimated.”

The Tri Delta sorority issued a statement condemning “the racist, offensive and disgraceful conduct of the two women involved in the video.” Chapter president London Moore announced that “the woman who participated in, filmed and posted the video is no longer a member of our organization.”

According to NBC News, Gallogly told reporters on Monday that the two students “decided on their own to withdraw,” adding that “I think they’re very surprised by the reaction. Simply put, this type of racist video has no place here or any place else.”

The video has faced severe blowback from the university’s students and alumni, as did the “inadequate” response from OU administration.

Back in 2015, the University of Oklahoma shut down its Sigma Alpha Epsilon house after video emerged of fraternity members chanting the n-word making fun of lynching. NBC News reports that the school’s Black Student Association is not surprised by the blackface video, and that “It is unfortunate to us to be in 2019 and this is still happening.”