Student’s Viral Tumblr Post Describes ‘Harrowing’ Reality Of Living With Fear Of Mass Shootings

A post is going viral that explains what it feels like for students to live under the constant threat of school shootings and it’s a heart-wrenching read.

In what appears to be a screenshot of a Tumblr post an anonymous student going by “butchtj” responds to the question of whether American high schoolers have “survivor’s guilt and trauma with school shootings even though they weren’t at your school?”

According to the post’s author, the answer is a resounding “yes” and that a fear of gun violence has ruined innocuous pastimes like laser tag, made students scared to use the bathroom between classes or pop open a bag of chips, and has generally created a noxious environment of fear in what should be safe places of learning.

The account went viral on Twitter after it was shared by @SophieWarnes who added: “This is genuinely harrowing.”

You can read the entire post here:

The safety drills being run by schools to prepare students for the event of a shooting sound like traumatic experiences in and of themselves with the poster describing them as full of tears from students and teachers alike, saying:

“Everyone cries during drills even the toughest ranch kids. Every drill comes with a full day of teachers crying and telling us that they love us all so much and will die or us, and every kid in every class looking around wondering who would I die or? Who would die for me?

In a scenario that boggles the mind the student says that:

“At the age of 12 I was told I needed to know who I would die for…”

Such a weight of life-or-death responsibility obviously shouldn’t be foisted on a child who just wants to learn, but with law-makers seemingly immobile on the issue that remains the grim reality.

Now this is the internet so there’s no easy way to tell if this post is real or some very imaginative Tumblr fiction, but it certainly sounds realistic.

Mass shootings are an ever-present threat these days both at schools and in other ostensibly safe places, as seen with the recent massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, and there’s evidence that the PTSD and trauma from such events is long-lasting. In the past month two survivors of the Parkland shooting have committed suicide, with survivor’s guilt said to have played a role in at least one death, as has the father of one of the children murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

Something has to change in the way guns are regulated otherwise students like the author of this post will forever live in fear of the next attack they know is coming.

h/t: @SophieWarnes