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This Student’s Viral Racist Promposal Isn’t Funny

Warning: This post contains words that many people find objectionable (and words that everyone should).

Teenagers don’t have fully-formed brains, and it shows.

A “promposal” – already an offensive concept as it is – is going viral after a photo depicted a poster with a racist joke that was allegedly used by one teen to ask another to prom.

According to the LA Times the photo, which was then shared by disgusted users on multiple platforms, depicts the moment right after the, blech, “promposal.”

The boy in the photograph is said to have just delivered a “promposal,” asking the girl to prom through a sign that reads: “Bianca You are racist, but I would give anything for you to go with me to prom.”

Reveling in your date’s racism would be bad enough but apparently certain letters on the poster were written in black marker instead of pink to spell out a racial slur starting with “N” within the text. This combined with the photo of the two giddy white teens laughing it up sparked outrage.

After several people including parents complained to Palos Verdes High School, the school responded, calling the display “unacceptable” and  promising “severe consequences.”

It’s the kind of thing that’s only funny if you live in a tiny bubble and are also an idiot with no life experience. Once shared with the rest of the thinking, feeling world via the magic of the internet…you just look like a racist assh*le.

h/t: LA Times