20 Of The Stupidest Things Anti-Vaxxers Are Still Saying In 2018

According to Popular Science, 9 out of every 10 kids used to get measles before age 15, killing two million people annually until a vaccine was invented in 1960. Because it is severely infectious (it spreads to 90 percent of those who come in contact with an infected person) and because most European countries still do not meet vaccination standards, deadly outbreaks still run rampant in that part of the world.

And yet, the anti-vaxxer movement—which rests completely on debunked research from the ’90s tying vaccines to autism—seems to be growing. The percentage of Americans claiming religious, personal, or moral objections to vaccination in order exempt their kids from the school requirement also continues to grow. This is problematic not only for children who are unable to receive certain vaccinations due to auto-immune disorders, but for all of us; the issue is a global one.

Shaming people on the Internet is rarely a good look. Unless those people are anti-vaxxers, whose wayward thinking may lead to the return of one of the most infectious and deadly diseases in history. In that case, shame away!

1. This refusal:


2. This logic:

3. This immaculate conception:

4. This fried brain:


5. This solid point:


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