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Scientist Starts A ‘Stylish Scientists’ Thread, Proving Women Can Be Smart And Still Feel Sexy

The demographics of career scientists is changing, slowly, but surely. It might be that the cultural ideal of a scientist is a man in a white lab coat, but there is an array of people out there in STEM. They’re not stuffy and they’re definitely not wearing white lab coats—they’re stylish!

Well, they probably are in the lab, but UNDER those coats are some amazing outfits. A Twitter user named Maya or @lalesbian asked for the stylish scientific community to reveal themselves and they happily did.

She asked her followers, “Can we start a stylish scientists thread please?” then kicked it off with some boots and tropical patterns.

The response was intense. People have been holding back inside all those libraries, labs, and classrooms. They want to set their kitten heels free!

This might be the most wholesomely supportive thread I’ve ever seen, and it includes lots of smart attractive people showing off. This is what the Internet needs more of! Hot cool people! But I do have a question: what’s up with all the pink hair? Is that a science thing?