Maid Of Honor Allowed To Choose Her Own Outfit Attends Sister’s Wedding Dressed As T-Rex

Weddings are stressful events right from the beginning. Planning takes months and between booking the venue, deciding who to invite, and finding a gown, most brides-to-be don’t have the mental or emotional energy for much else. That was certainly the case for 40-year-old Deanna Adams, who decided to spin one less plate by allowing her bridal party to choose their own outfits for the big day. Of course, little did she know that her sister would turn up in a T-Rex costume.

Christina Meador was appointed as Adams’ Maid of Honor, and while she took the responsibility to be at her sister’s side on one of the biggest days of her life, she was a bit more playful when it came to her wedding attire. Meador shared an image of herself in her dino outfit on Facebook and the image quickly went viral.

Facebook: Christina Meador

Speaking to The Daily Mail’s FEMAIL, Meador said that she thought it was “weird” to be getting so much attention for the stunt, Adams won’t have been all that surprised when she walked out as the Cretaceous predator since it’s something they’d previously discussed to an extent.

“About a year ago my big sister texted me asking if I would be her maid of honor. She, knowing that I’m not a big fan of wearing formal dresses and that I probably wouldn’t have a lot of money to buy something really nice, reassured me by letting me know that I could pick out any outfit that I choose,” Meador recalled.

“I was trying to think of something that I would be willing to wear more than once and thought to myself, ‘Well, she did say anything, and if I’m spending more than $50, I want it to be a dinosaur costume, because they’re fantastic and I’ve always wanted one. I sent her a text so that she could have a laugh—surprisingly she was ok with it!”

Meador added that she considered changing her mind for another crazy costume like a TARDIS from Dr. Who but she ultimately went for the classic T-Rex. While she realized prior to the ceremony that she couldn’t really afford the costume and decided to opt for a $7 dress instead, the dress ended up being too big and she decided the T-Rex costume would be the best wedding gift ever.

“I had yet to find my sister a good gift. I had decided that she would appreciate the dinosaur costume and it would be fun to mess with her about wearing it during the ceremony,” she recalled. “I arrived in Nebraska for the wedding, my sister picks me and my mom up from our hotel to go to a final dress fitting, and I bring it up on the ride that I had bought it and plan to wear it, and she laughed.”

Meador gave her sister a chance to ask her to wear a new $20 dress she bought, but Adams never did. Hence, the T-Rex costume appeared at the wedding. However, Meador admitted that it was really hot inside the outfit and she immediately took it off after the ceremony was over and opted for the dress she bought instead.

While many brides would have been upset about the prank, Adams insisted that she was happy about it and thought it made the day more memorable. “The point was to get married to the man who treats me like I hung the moon, and we did that part,” she responded to a negative commenter on the original Facebook post. “My sister is awesome and I genuinely was not kidding when I said she could wear whatever she wanted.”