Men Don’t Know What The Letters on Tampons Mean But Their Guesses Are Hilarious

The ways of menstruation are mysterious to cis men. As a woman who gets her period, I’ll say it took me about ten years to really figure it out, so I kind of understand. Some people are raised to be suspicious of the menstrual cycle, others have had frightening encounters, and in some cases, good ole misogyny keeps guys from comprehending this basic life process. All we ask is that you try to learn.

A guy named Evan Worthen posted a goofy joke about tampons to Twitter showing a pic of one that has an “R” printed on it. The R stands for Regular, which means like… a medium flow. If you didn’t know periods come in different strengths, then you’re already learning! They usually start light, get very heavy, and then taper off again. Different products are designed to help with whatever you got going on down there, so “regular” is sort of like “medium.” There are a lot of euphemisms.

Worthen wrote, “My girlfriend left a tampon at my apartment and idk where the left one is. Anyone know where I can get a single left tampon to keep a set here for emergencies?”

Haha. Get it? The “R” stands for “right” in this joke. He is definitely joking. I think.

The joke inspired a bunch of women to ask their non-menstruating boyfriends what they actually do think the “R” stands for. The answers are even funnier than Worthen’s joke:

Right vagina? Do they really think there’s a lefty and righty? Or does he mean the opposite of the wrong vagina (the butthole). To be fair, mixed tampon packs do have “L” and “S,” which stands for Light and Super.

But things got even crazier:

This guy is moments away from saying “rabies” I think:

Someone tried asking about the “L” Tampon and got a series of insane answers, too:

But even when they kind of understood, they also didn’t:

Yes. Regular-sized vagina. You cracked the code.