Tax Refunds Are Down $6 Billion Since Last Year And Trump Supporters Are Furious

As tax season approaches, more and more people are finding out that Trump’s tax “plan” was designed only to benefit Trump’s buddies and campaign supporters – the rich. Most of Trump’s supporters are, however, not rich, and so they’re not having the best time without the typical relief of their tax refunds.

According to The Hill, looking at tax returns filed in March alone, the IRS is reporting that the amount they’re refunding to people is $6 billion less than last year. They’ve also processed fewer returns as people try to navigate the new rules put into place by Trump’s bill.

To be fair, the “average” refund is down by only $20 when you look at the raw data. It’s not yet clear how much of that average was affected by the mega-rich outliers getting back even more than their fair share than usual. Plus, if you listen to the average taxpayer, the hurt has been much worse than $20.

It’s so bad that Wall Street has noticed a decrease in spending compared to previous years when people are typically out spending their tax refunds on cool stuff they’ve been wanting all year.

Where exactly is all the money going that was supposed to make the average tax refund go up? Some die-hard Trump supporters are also claiming that less money is now withheld from your paycheck, which is why refunds are lower. Where’s that money, though? Whose paycheck went up without the help of the minimum wage laws that Republicans are opposed to?

Plus, these numbers are just for individual taxpayers. Small businesses were especially affected by Trump’s tax plan as many of the standard business deductions were eliminated. Retired persons also seem to be getting the shaft on this.

Well, if you can’t spend your money on things you enjoy, you can at least enjoy watching former Trump supporters turn on him faster than you can say “huge tax bill.”

You can repeat lies about how much money people paid in taxes last year but you can’t make people forget about getting screwed out of money they rely on each year. And they’ll be reminded in 2020.