Twitter Can’t Stop Trolling Trump Over His ‘Massages’ Typo

Donald Trump’s constant Twitter typos aren’t surprising. What is perhaps surprising is his administration’s unwavering insistence that these typos are inserted intentionally, even when the tweets they belong to are deleted and rewritten correctly.

Which, coincidentally, is precisely what happened Saturday morning during Trump’s habitual rant about the FBI in which his tweet about “text massages” was replaced a half hour later with the intended “text messages.”

Trump still managed a typo in his corrected tweets — writing “it’s” instead of “its” in his demands that the FBI turn over files on former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to conservative activist group Judicial Watch.

Of course the typo, and not the swamp of inappropriate disses or the fact that Judicial Watch is a right-wing propaganda viper’s nest and NOT a branch of government is what the Internet focused on. (Well, not wholly.)



Trump’s tweets capped off a generally unhinged weekend of tweets for Donald Trump which ranged in topic from Kanye West, the NFL and “Bikers for Trump.”