This Teacher’s Viral Thread Shares The Harsh Realities Of Saving Students From An Active Shooter

With the rise of mass shooting events in the United States, many individuals are now required to take training courses and seminars in order to be employed in certain industries. For example, schools across the country now require teachers to partake in active shooter seminars and school safety workshops. I, for one, had to take two New York State mandated seminars on school violence and school safety—both of which taught us how to protect students in the scary situation of an active shooter in the building.

However, I am not alone in having to undergo these workshops. In fact, more often schools are having their staff undergo training sessions—just in case it does happen there. Always remember, never say “never.” With the rise of mass shootings, everyone is at risk.

Twitter user @lareinavicc went through an active shooter training at her job, and, she decided to share her experience with people online in case they were unable to attend these kinds of workshops.

She started off saying that there are the A,B,C’S to avoiding an active shooter.

A: Avoid.

B: Baracade.

C: Counter.

She went over everything again for everyone.

People online were scared, shocked, and had anxiety over the fact that it takes this much for a teacher to be prepared for an active shooter. But, many agreed that this was incredibly helpful.