Wife Asks For Advice After Husband Threw Out All Electronics Without Her Consent

Parents right now are having all sorts of conversations about electronic use for their children. As many people continue working from home (and likely will keep doing so for a while), children are being left to their own devices—and many of those are electronic devices. There’s nothing wrong with having the TV babysit your toddler while you try and get work done during these times, but what if your partner just decided to throw out all the electronics without asking you first? That’s what one Redditor is concerned about—but the story is a bit more complicated.

The OP writes that she’s been with her husband for six years and married for four. They have a five-year-old and three-year-old, and she works “crazy long hours but we’re better off for it and can live very comfortably.” She says that her husband has had an “issue with technology for a while.”

They have “three TVs (one in our room, the kids room and living room) we’ve got one computer, the children have a laptop and a DVD player, we have a phone each and honestly when listing it out it sounds like so much but it wasn’t and I limit the screen time the children get, they usually only watch a film before bed Sat and Sun and a little bit of youtube while eating breakfast.”

One day, the OP comes home from work to a shocking surprise.

“I came home from work to find all of our electronics just gone, he didn’t even apologise and it’s not like he asked for money; he gave away [the] stuff for free. I had only bought him the computer for his birthday and that was only last month. I’m absolutely furious.”

“He told me basically he wanted us to give up electronics, he wanted to live a traditional life including me staying at home and having more children. This is a crazy change of personality and I can’t even talk to him without getting so frustrated, I have tried and I just cried that’s how frustrated I was and he just seems so unaffected. He’s also turning into a political nut job and I can’t even discuss my own views without him screaming me down because I’m ‘f—king ignorant.'”

The OP doesn’t know what to do with this new version of her husband, so she reached out for advice. Folks on Reddit had a few ideas on what to do, including getting his mental and physical health checked out and possibly leaving the house with the children and taking shelter in a safer environment.

What do you think? Does it sound like the OP’s husband might be suffering from an illness? Or that he’s been radicalized? What should she do?