Teen With Alopecia Posts Hilarious TikTok Videos About Her Dating Life

Chronic health conditions can be embarrassing, frustrating, and generally extremely hard to deal with, especially as a young person. Hayden Montross, a 17-year-old from Georgia, first experienced symptoms of alopecia, an autoimmune condition which causes your hair to fall out, when she was only five years old. However, she maintains an amazing sense of humor about the condition and recently went viral for posting a hilarious TikTok video about her dating life as a bald teen.

Montross’ account on the video-sharing site is full of clips detailing her experiences in the dating world with a touching (and hilarious) amount of humor. So far, she’s racked up over three million views and more than 140,000 fans, and for good reason.

hayden montross, alopecia
TikTok/Hayden Montross

Many of Montross’ videos joke about the perks of dating her, such as free food from people who feel bad for her to the fact that any potential boyfriends won’t need to wait long for her to get ready due to her not having any hair to style.

However, even while maintaining a great sense of humor about her condition, Montross is quick to educate people about alopecia and what it’s like to live with it. She’s shared the insensitive questions she’s been asked—people asking if she has cancer, if they can touch her head, or even if she’s a boy or a girl—and shown that it’s possible to live happily with a condition that’s certainly inconvenient but nothing more at this point.

It’s clear from the positive reception she’s received on TikTok that Montross is inspiring those who are coping with alopecia and other conditions. She’s also increasing understanding of the condition and fostering a sense of empathy and just overall joy with everyone who sees her videos. If Montross can smile through the tough times and find the good in every situation, I think we all can.