Teen Smashes Egg On Islamophobic Senator’s Head, Internet Hails Him As ‘Eggboy’

We need heroes in these dark times and today a hero was born:


After Australian senator Fraser Anning responded to the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand that claimed 49 lives on Friday by blaming the terror attack on muslims instead of on those targeting them, his Islamophobic reaction was widely condemned.

But one brave young Aussie decided that wasn’t good enough and took matters into his own dextrous hands.

During a press conference Anning was giving, the kid can be seeing standing near the front of the small crowd of reporters when he raises his phone to film what only he knows is about to happen. Then he strikes, slapping his concealed ovarian device down on the back of Anning’s head with an highly satisfying splat.

Anning turns and slaps the kid, who pushes back. Anning lunges at him and his supporters swarm the lad.

The eggsailant was quickly thrown the ground where a group of huge guys held him in a chokehold even after observers told them to get off him. It’s unclear if they are hired goons or just Anning supporters but a close up video shows them hazing the kid like the rageaholic frat boys they appear to be, snarling “You’re nothing but a weak human f*cking being” into his ear as they choke him.

The force they use looks excessive and dangerous and it will be interesting to see if they face charges as the egger was later identified to be only 17 years old and therefore a minor.

Meanwhile Eggboy has been released without charges.

Immediately the internet exploded with support for #Eggboy and the memes and tributes began flowing.

While physical attacks should never be the way things get resolved in an open society it’s hard to find much sympathy for Anning getting a harmless bit of egg on his face and any sympathy he may have found will have quickly evaporated in the wake of his and his supporters violent overreaction to the underage protestor.