Teen Told To Remove MAGA Clothes On American Pride Day, Is Very Sad

A pro-Trump high school student is whining that her school made her feel bad after she was told to ditch her MAGA hat and shirt on American Pride Day. Principal Brian Ernest of Epping High School in New Jersey made the teen remove the hat and cover up the shirt on the basis that it violated the dress code. The student, Ciretta Mackenzie, doesn’t understand how the pro-Trump clothing could be considered offensive.

“It’s just a shirt, and it only says ‘Trump make America Great Again,’” she told the local news station. “It doesn’t say anything like build a wall, so I don’t get how it could be offensive, how it could be disrespectful.”

Well, Ciretta, sometimes when a slogan is repeated by murderous neo-Nazis and when a president becomes known for inciting hatred against people of color, Muslims, and refugees, both can considered offensive and disrespectful.

Mackenzie did what she was told, but then went crying to the nearest press because the school administration and her fellow students are making her feel bad for supporting the guy who said it would be great if we could just mow down asylum seekers at the border with machine guns.

“Some kids are making [me] feel like I’m uneducated and a bad kid for believing what I want to believe and that’s not right.”

According to Principal Ernest, Mackenzie was not the only one who was told to remove or cover up polarizing attire, and assured parents and students that he wants the kids “to be free thinkers and be able to express their opinions in a respectful manner.” The school board’s position is that American Pride Day should not have taken place at all, which is probably the right decision when the country is currently completely on fire.

Unfortunately, there has been no word about protecting all the kids who might feel unsafe in an environment where there are MAGA hats floating around, including any immigrant or Muslim children. Do their rights to safety and education matter?

Of course, many of Mackenzie’s fellow MAGAts are whining that her “free speech” was violated. However, it’s long been understood in the U.S. that full constitutional rights don’t extend to underage children and high schools are not democracies. Many of them are also claiming not to know the dress code while it’s super easy to look up. And yes, it clearly states: “Also prohibited are offensive symbols or language, including those that suggest intolerance or lack of respect to others on the basis of gender, race, religion or ethnic, social, or economic background.”

Plus, it says that the administration has the final word on what does and does not violate the dress code. So before you sue, you’ll probably have to change the dress code first.

Also, you might want to learn how to spell “principal.”

Most people, however, just think that Mackenzie was looking for attention. We all know how much MAGAts crave attention.

Others are just happy that Trump supporters are keen to identify themselves so that we can avoid them.

And then, of course, you have these types:

Eeeease off the caps lock, Brian. There you go.