Teen’s ‘Mind Manipulation’ Instagram Prank Will Give You Permanent Trust Issues

If you want to compete as an influencer on Instagram, you have to live the life. Pricey clothes, music festivals, private planes, nice restaurants and experiences. People want to see someone who, on the surface, seems to have their life together, at least financially. So what if you’re not blessed with piles of cash? You get creative.

London-based Byron Denton wanted to see how easy he could imitate the influencer life without the wealth. He cracked the code, and his Instagram following skyrocketed all while he was selling his lie at no cost.

Photos: @tbhbyron

Byron is very good at photo and video editing and as a Youtuber, he began to notice firsthand other people try to mimic the life of the fabulously wealthy. “I saw a lot of people faking holidays and stuff, but I thought it would be cool to take a different approach,” he told Insider.

“I’d always wondered if the reason people are so obsessed with celebrities was due to the fact they can afford to live a life not everyone can.” After seeing the results of his fake posts, the answer seemed to be, “yes.”

The photo above of Denton living it up on a “private jet” received thousands of likes in under a minute.

But what about fashion? Byron tested his new theories out by dressing in an “influencer outfit” that consisted of no designer labels or high-priced items and Photoshopped him holding Louis Vuitton bags in front of their London store. He said he was getting contacted by family members curious as to how he was affording this new affluent lifestyle that was getting him thousands of followers.

Most recently, Byron faked a trip to Coachella.

Probably the pinnacle of Instagram flaunting is the annual pilgrimage to Coachella. Byron didn’t have the money to snag tickets, but your followers don’t have to know you’re not actually in California.

Byron uses Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, PicsArt, and FaceTune to get his edited pictures just right. He says the average time for a photo from shooting, editing, and uploading is about 45 minutes.

It’s true what they say. Sometimes you just have to fake it to make it.

You can watch Byron’s video explaining his process here:

h/t: Bored Panda