Teens On TikTok Are Prerecording Conversations For Women to Use In Creepy Uber Rides

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, but the teens on TikTok are giving everyone hope for the future. They’re supporting each other, even people they’ve never met who might need help someday. Twitter user @haaniyah_ pointed out that a new trend on TikTok is for teens to record videos that can be used by someone getting into a car who doesn’t feel comfortable. In the video, the young woman runs a monologue that sounds like it could be a conversation. In it, she mentions that she saw her friend get in the car on their shared map and that someone named Steve will be waiting outside for her when she arrives.

All made up, of course, but if someone with bad intentions heard and believed it, they’d know that their rider had friends keeping tabs on her location and at least one of them is a guy. Are guys more of a safe guard? Unfortunately in this world the answer is yes.

It’s actually unfortunate that these have to be made at all or that it would occur to young people to do so. We should all feel safe and secure when going about our business. Maybe the way to feel that is to look at how many people have made videos with the thought of others in mind.

Some of them are interactive and even include lines to prompt the listener in case they’re not able to think of a response to the recorded message on the spot. There are version with men’s voices and women’s and even a version that is supposed to sound like an overprotective mom checking in:


It was suggested that people make more versions, ones with accents or in other languages. Someone added their version to the thread, mentioning a cop boyfriend:

Most people commenting were just basking in the ingenuity and thoughtfulness of the youths:

The kids are all right.