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21 Of The Greatest Texts To D-Bags Who Couldn’t Take A Hint

Men can be pretty dang clueless (sorry, SOME men and “not all men”). Too often, horned out dudes force women to politely shut them down when they’re a little overeager and can’t seem to pick up your vibes.

It’s a real problem, and one that can leave women feeling threatened. Thankfully, shutting drooling douches down over text is a much safer option than rejecting to them to their faces. It’s also a lot more fun, as these brilliant women demonstrate. Take notes, ladies.

1. Playing dumb can work:

2. So can thinking on your feet and with your stomach:

3. Although some guys are always thinking with another, um, organ:

4. Still, it never hurts to mention food:

5. When in doubt, use a dad joke:

6. Or make them wish they were never born:

7.  Or drop some knowledge:

8. Don’t be afraid to use pop culture references:

9. Or force them to look in the mirror:

10. Never be afraid to derail their dirty talk:

11. Or ask for clarification:

12. When in doubt, throw him an emoji:

13. Or a pun:

14. Or a ~flattering~ selfie:

15. Keep them in line by demanding 100% accuracy:


17. Always be busy:

18. Use their words against them:

19. Don’t let them try to use loopholes:

20. Remind them that your standards are high:

21. Be direct:

Buh Bye!


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