This Is The Moment CNN Learned There Was A Bomb In Their Mailroom

Yesterday, a pipe bomb was found in philanthropist George Soros’ mailbox. Today, explosive devices were found by Secret Service in packages addressed to the Clintons and the Obamas. The devices were functional, meaning they weren’t just a lame attempt to scare people, but to do real damage. At least one of the packages was reported to contain shrapnel. This appears to be a coordinated right-wing terrorist attack.

Today, while reporting on the bombing spree, CNN learned they had been targeted by a similar device.

The building was evacuated and CNN continued reporting on the ongoing incident from their Washington Bureau and the street outside. The package was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, who has been a frequent critic of the Trump administration. Brennan has been such an effective counterpuncher against Trump that the president revoked his security clearance, along with the security clearances of several other of Trump’s political foes.

We’ve seen politically motivated attacks in the past, and the right-wing response to them has always been “what about ___” or “that’s a false flag” or “did you know the Democrats started the KKK?

Of course, right-wing pundits are already claiming the bombings are political stunts by the victims.

While today’s news has been shocking and terrifying, it hasn’t been surprising. The political culture on the right has been distilled into pure toxic vitriol against Democrats and the mainstream media. Chanting crowds demanding political opponents be jailed, the president calling the press “the enemy of the people,” conspiracy theories about “white genocide” and child prostitution rings, right-wing fantasies about another Civil War—these are all part of the same problem. But as long as Republicans continue to benefit politically from whipping their supporters into a rabid frenzy against the majority of the people who live in this country, the problem will continue.