Right-Wing Extremist Group ‘The Proud Boys’ Is Imploding And This Thread Explains Why

The Proud Boys—a self-described fraternity of “western chauvinists” who in reality compose a violent nationalist hate group—were not taken seriously for a long time. This allowed them to grow in ranks, to physically assault protestors in city streets without so much as a slap on the wrist from law enforcement, and to serially harass anyone not on board with their message.

But all of that’s changing, and fast. Over the last week, the Proud Boys were recognized as an extremist group by the FBI.

They were also abandoned by their not-so-intrepid leader Gavin McInnes, causing the group to name lawyer, criminal, and proud white supremacist Jason Lee Van Dyke as their new leader.

The following thread by @AntiFashGordon, an anti-fascist Twitter account that doxxes white nationalists, breaks down Van Dyke’s history of racism.

As journalist Andy Campbell wrote for HuffPost, McInnes readily encouraged his members to employ physical violence, particularly against opposition (“Fighting solves everything,” he once proclaimed). Van Dyke, however, “is seen as a different beast, one who does all the enforcing himself, with threats of violence and lawsuits.”

So what do we do, asks Campbell, now that the Proud Boys can no longer hide behind an ersatz claim of brotherhood and fraternity? Now that the government is involved and their new leader is a self-proclaimed violent white nationalist, no ifs ands or butts about it?

For starters, “We need to stop treating them like a goofy men’s fraternal organization.”

He writes that though Van Dyke’s appointment has the possibility of slowing the movement down, the only solution is to “start treating them like what they are.”

“An ultranationalist hate group led by a white nationalist.”

Another good place to start would be to deport Gavin McInnes, who may or may not still be operating as true leader of the Proud Boys behind closed doors, and who is a Canadian immigrant, in the United States on a Green Card, inciting violence in our cities.