24 Things Millennials Really Want You To Understand (But Know You Never Will)

You may well know that over the years, millennials have caught a lot of heat, particularly for “destroying” entire industries. We’ve ruined everything from bad restaurant chains to diamonds, divorce, ESPN, credit cards, home ownership, child-bearing…the list truly doesn’t stop.

Older generations comfort themselves by arguing that millennials (born between 1981 and 1996, and so aged 23 to 38 in 2019) don’t hit the traditional life “milestones” because they are lazy and entitled. Of course, the truth is that Baby Boomers ruined the world for us, and millennials were left to pick up the pieces.

So when GreenShirt7 posed this question on AskReddit: “Millennials, What is one thing that the rest of us just don’t understand?” millennials were quick to chime in with grievances.

Here are 24 things millennials really want older generations to understand—but know they probably never will.


Everytime you bash millennials for taking participation ribbons remember who came up with that stupid f—king idea. Here is a clue: it wasn’t us.—Xazier


Most people don’t know the age of millennials…. To them, a millennial is someone that they hate and happens to be younger than them.—deadlyrabbits


Labor jobs are not shameful and you can actually earn good money doing it. Trades are dying because we were told to go to college and then get a desk job because it’s better than what mom or dad does now.—epona111


How to rotate a goddamn PDF—deadliftsandcoffee


The economy is growing but our paychecks are not. Economists will tell you that wages generally increase with productivity – that you’re paid in line with the value of what you do.—zxkool


That if I fail to get a job from multiple different places it doesn’t mean I’m not trying it means the place that I tried are just picky with who they hire.—Thatboy_Dj

Can confirm. Recently moved states due to an emergency – put out over 40 applications in the span of a week, only received one callback and the job I did end up landing is only due to the fact that I knew someone working at the facility. :/ Looking for employment is an absolutely miserable process.

To add, I am more than qualified for the positions I applied for, but even with experience, it’s just a really disheartening process.—FuriousPancakes


Why it is that most of the older generation (& some millennials) can have something called a cellphone in their pocket & decide to never take a minute to fact check something that sounds suspicious.—TheNekoMatta


One of my old neighbours (over 70) hates it when young people can’t answer a question and reach for their phone to look something up Even worse, when they use the phone to prove him wrong.

He expects everyone to be an encyclopedia. And before it’s asked. He’s not that clever or knowledgeable. Just very opinionated.—MeanElevator


The whole “I had my house paid by the time i was 25” from old people. Houses cost a whole lot less then, Barbara.—plagueisthedumb


Almost every advantage prior generations had has been stripped away. Affordable college, wages that allow you to pay rent AND buy food. Other things like retirement security – nope 401ks with fees that chew up your savings or bubbles that wipe it out.

Unemployment protections have even become unreliable if you get laid off. And forget going to the dentist regularly hahaha good luck maintaining health insurance. Work hard for less and be called a whiner for pointing it out.—despondantoptimist


Older generations: “Find what you love to do and do it!”

Also older generations: “No don’t do that, you can’t make a living off that.”—Phil-Michaels


My parents told me to find out where the boss of the company lives, and bug them at home to give me a job. I asked them if they want me to get shot, because that’s a good way.—DeffNotAPigThrower


MS Word is not a f—king design program and shouldn’t be used as one.—TheJadedSF


I make more money now as a 23 y/o millennial in a labor job than my parents made combined when I was growing up. But they had a large 2 story house in the burbs when I grew up and now that I make such good money they can’t fathom how I still can’t afford to get my own house or why I still have to drive an old beat up truck rather than have a newer vehicle and park out in a garage of a nice house.

Probably because y’all f—ked the housing market and economy so bad that making 80k a year I still can barely afford to support my wife (who also works) and son (the freeloading 2 y/o that just refuses to get a job geez).—jrhocke


I’m the oldest millennial. I have worked ridiculously hard, with no end in sight, to make the same money my dad, with no degree or specialized training, made and makes to this day.—MsTomHardy


That the average millennial is 30 years old, not a teenybopper or college kid.—Hrekires


We may very well be the first “over-educated” generation in the history of this country. MOST of us have college degrees, and very sizable portion of us have graduate degrees too. We have these because we basically have to in order to even have the chance of making enough money for a comfortable life as adults.

We are a little pissed off because we all grew up being told that if you do ok in highschool and go to college, you’ll be able to get a job that’ll pay you well-enough to live the life you want to live. Then, we did those things and when we got to the other end of it, it was all basically jerked away.—BrilliantWeight




That it’s hard, even in my early thirties with a good full time job, to afford rent and food and everything else. I wish I had been born in a time where working a job like I have now would pay for a three bedroom house and two cars. No, I’m not lazy. I just don’t think I should have to work two full time jobs just to survive.—Shadow_Company


That most of us have actually done customer service jobs our whole life…and when people talk about how millennials and the younger generations are all about instant gratification.

Each and every one of us has vivid memories of old f—king dirt bags throwing goddamn tantrums because they didn’t get their way right that very moment. Old people have absolutely no patience for anything. Younger people typically have more manners.—lentzcatnewark


STEM degrees are not a ticket to success. There are like, six STEM degrees that equal a well paying job after college.

ETA: I have a STEM degree. My classmates who went into communications, marketing, etc make way more than me ? I am disillusioned with the lie that STEM=jobs.—deadliftsandcoffee


Ever been to a professional sporting event and groaned at the price of admission, concessions, and even water? It’s been kind of like living an entire life inside of that stadium.—Therowdy


Please stop trying to get us to go to Chilis/Applebee’s/Olive Garden. If you make us explain, we’ll sound snobby, just….please. Stop.—Zebirdsandzebats


I can’t afford to live on my own. I have a degree, goddammit. I don’t have kids, I don’t have unnecessary extra expenses to cut out of my life. I just can’t afford to live on my own. That’s just how our economy is right now.

Please, stop shaming millennials for needing help to afford HOUSING and FOOD. Two incomes are borderline necessary in this economy, so don’t try and make me become a housewife. I can’t AFFORD to be a housewife. I can’t AFFORD children. I can’t AFFORD a HOME.

We’re not destroying industries like diamonds, magazines, designer handbags, and starter homes. Those industries aren’t accessible to a lot of us!!!—StumbleKitty