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13 Things Trump’s Lying Attorney General Totally Looks Like

Trump’s Attorney General William Barr testified today in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee right on the heels of news that Mueller sent Barr a letter criticizing his misleading summary of Mueller’s report. In the letter, Mueller decried the “public confusion” resulting from Barr’s pro-Trump summary of the report, saying it “threatens to undermine” the “central purpose” of his work as Special Counsel. It’s the equivalent of Mueller calling Barr a partisan hack and a liar, but in polite Department of Justice speak.

Barr’s testimony and questioning today didn’t go too well for him, with multiple Democratic Senators ripping him a new one while Republicans whined that he was being treated unfairly. Sen. Kamala Harris was particularly good at picking apart Barr’s misleading statements and putting him on his heels.

While Barr was getting grilled by Senate Dems, he was getting roasted by folks on Twitter comparing the stammering Barr to some beloved—and not-so-beloved—pop culture figures. Here are 14 things Attorney General Bill Barr totally looks like, according to Twitter.

1. The villainous bear from Toy Story 3.

2. The Baby from Dinosaurs.

3. Steve Bannon after a major glow-up.

4. Iggy Koopa.

5. An exhausted Elton John.

6. A real-life Berenstain Bears’ villain.

13. Live-action Fred Flintstone.

8. Jabba the Hutt.

9. Droopy Dog.

10. Burgermeister Meisterburger.

11. Or maybe the Heat Miser from a different Christmas special.

12. A gender-swapped Ursula.

13. And finally, a puppet.

Worth noting that all of these things are better than what Barr actually is—a corrupt Attorney General covering for a lawless president who seems pretty guilty of obstruction of justice, at the very least.

h/t: CNN, Washington Post