This Dog’s Reaction To Mufasa’s Death In ‘The Lion King’ Is Heartwrenching

This post contains spoilers for Disney’s The Lion King but the film came out 25 years ago so if it’s still on your to-watch list you won’t find any sympathy here you maniac.

What you will find is a gut-wrenching video of a young doggo watching Mufasa’s tragic death scene and having a startlingly human reaction.

In a video that was making the rounds on Twitter Saturday, the sensitive pupper watches the tragic scene, transfixed, wand whimpers and whines in distress as young Simba nudges his father’s body. Emotionally speaking it adds yet another layer of pathos to what’s already one of the saddest scenes of all time.

Good job, internet.

There’s also something very meta about an animal watching a movie about animals made by humans and feeling an apparently universal emotion and….I’m sorry I got a little high just writing that.

In any case people felt the pain of the animal feeling pain about a fictional animal feeling pain. It was an empathy avalanche.

Amazingly others reported that their dogs have the same mournful reaction to Mufasa’s death scene. Either these dogs are just reacting to the sounds of the scene or they understand movies on a shocking level.