This Girl Bringing Her Mom To Sesame Street For The First Time Is The Purest Thing On The Internet Today

For some of us, when it comes to our parents, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them. Take my mom for example–I’d give her my left arm if she needed it. Every single time it snows, I dig my car out and drive all the way to her house just to dig her car out–and living in New York City, it snows quite a lot.

Our parents have given us the world (and life, literally), so spoiling them is something we take great pride in. And, when we can truly make their day, it’s better than anything else in the world. An associate producer for ABC’s 2020, Maddy,  found the perfect way to make her mother’s entire day and the way she did it will melt your cold, dead heart.

Maddy shared on Twitter that she took her mom to Sesame Street–yes, the Sesame Street, and it was “the purest thing she’s ever experienced.” TBH, it’s the purest thing I’ve ever seen.

Maddy revealed that her mom had no idea where they were going until they got in the elevator to go upstairs. She was clearly excited–someone seems to be a lifelong fan.

But, it wasn’t until they walked into the actual studio that Maddy realized how special this day meant to her mom. Just look at how excited she was to be at the famous Sesame Street.

To make the day even more special, Maddy’s mom got to meet some famous faces from the neighborhood. She was not only shocked but totally stoked and moved. Imagine meeting the characters you’ve watched forever?

And, they kept on coming to say hello!

She got to pose with all of her friends.

And, through all the new friends, the magical moments, and the pictures–Maddy captured one that summed up their entire day–her mom with a face of pure shock and disbelief that her daughter would go so above and beyond to make her day this special.

Online, people were totally moved by the fact that Maddy went out of her way like this for her mom–who, clearly loves Sesame Street more than most.

It’s incredibly sweet that Maddy went above and beyond to make her mother’s day this special. If we can take away anything from this beautiful thread, it’s that taking time out of our lives to make our parents happy can be incredibly rewarding–just to see how much it means to them.