This Guy Went Above And Beyond To Make His Little Brother’s First Date Amazing

We all remember our first crush–we wanted to do just about anything to impress them.
When it comes to the “first date,” the pressure is on to make it memorable and romantic. For many of us, however, our first date happens when we are far too young to afford an actual take-you-out-to-dinner date. Instead, we try to create a “date” our of something like a play date (we’re young, we’re naive, we try our best).

One Twitter user’s story went viral of how much he tried to help his little brother impress his crush when he had invited her over for their “first date.” Seriously, this one tugs at the heartstrings.

Kingsley’s little brother invited his crush over for dinner–and asked him to be the chef. Being an amazing big bro, he agreed to make her favorite dish.

It seems that the entire family tried to make this date memorable–with their dad throwing on some soul music. 

The two look so young–and adorable. 

Kingsley clearly pulled out all of the stops to impress this girl for his brother. Can you imagine being that young and treated to a delicious meal cooked to perfection? How sweet. 

Turns out, the food was a big hit. And, Kingsley even talked his brother up for him–giving him major points with his crush. 

But, it seems as though Kingsley’s little brother is nothing but a gentleman. 

Obviously, the love between siblings is something that never goes away and when they need you, you’re always there to support them in every way (even if it means cooking their date a meal). 

Would you do that for your little sibling? Being the youngest, I’d hope my sisters loved me enough to have my back.