Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Music Video Has The World Absolutely Shook

ICYMI–this weekend, actor, writer and singer Donald Glover appeared on SNL as the special guest host and the musical talent. The artist, who is also known as Childish Gambino, is a complete genius when it comes to art.
On SNL, he performed his new song, “This Is America,” and dropped a music video along with it. While the song is incredible, the music video is even better and creates a vital conversation about America today in correlation with violence and race.

The video has a lot to interpret from the viewer, which is what I believe Glover wanted–everyone to see the video as something for themselves. But, all in all, the message is very clear–violence in America is being overshadowed by viral and popular culture, almost as if the industry promotes these “dances” and social trends as a distraction from what’s really happening in front of our very eyes.

After the video premiered online, people on Twitter had multiple reactions–and interpretations–as to what the true meaning of the song and video are.  Many people pointed out that #ThisIsAmerica is a commentary on what America is like for the average black person today.