People Just Noticed That ‘This Is America’ Perfectly Syncs Up With ‘Call Me Maybe’ And Everyone Is Stunned

Last week, Donald Glover released the shocking music video for his new song, “This Is America,” and no one could look away from the scathing and violent political commentary — less than a week later, people are now more fascinated by the fact that the video perfectly syncs up with Carly Rae Jepson’s summer hit of yore, “Call Me Maybe.”

The video for this is America is unapologetically dark and disturbing, with Glover’s character dancing through a warehouse and happily shooting innocent black people while riots break out behind his choreography.

However … someone couldn’t help but notice that the timing of the video’s movements was a perfect match for a much more pop-y and upbeat number.

Twitter was torn. On the one hand, the video’s message is decidedly dark and carries significant importance in the modern political landscape. On the other … it is truly unsettling how well these two pieces of media match up.

Twitter was simultaneously pissed off and entertained. (Which is a bizarre emotional combo.)

Of course, many people were like, “Y’all are just proving Donald Glover’s point and/or totally missing the point.”

Mashing up “This Is America” with “Call Me Maybe” really just drives home the point that Glover seems to be making with the video: society will collectively do whatever it takes (be it entertainment or viral videos) to forget about the ugliness that’s lying just below the surface.

Honestly, when you think about it that way, this mashup is pretty damn American.