This Teen Used A Knock-Knock Joke To Reject A Guy That Was So Savage He’s Not Even Mad

When it comes to ways of rejecting someone’s advances in DM’s on social media, millennials are getting better at it by the day.
Between roasting people, completely rejecting them, or finding unique and brilliant ways to savagely tell them “Nah, I’m good,” we’re always impressed to see the effort people put into turning down advances–like, for example, Alyshah Mehdi, a 19-year-old from Karachi, Pakistan. Alyshah has been good friends with a guy named Shayyan for a while but told BuzzFeed that the two had some “beef” recently.


The two were “messaging” back and forth on Snapchat, but Shayyan had stopped responding to her messages–so, angry, she went to message him on Twitter instead. But, instead of continuing their conversation, Alyshah decided to get back by being an absolute savage.

She started with a simple knock, knock joke–which Shayyan fed into.


But, little did he know he was about to get blocked from DMing Alyshah altogether. Cold Blooded.

Apparently, Alyshah said he was “low-key pissed” when he got blocked, but after a while, they couldn’t help but laugh at it together because–it’s brilliant. Shayyan decided to screenshot his L and post it on Twitter saying…

And, truly how can you be mad at someone who is this good at life? After Shayyan posted it online, it went viral on someone else’s Twitter account.

The other account had over 300,000 people sharing and responding. Shayyan called the Twitter user out.

But, the other account had tons of responses–people even tried the joke for themselves (although it didn’t turn out as well).

Some people claimed they, too, were completely roasted in the same way.

Also, a bunch of dudes decided to slide into Alyshah’s DM’s with knock knock jokes.


But, mainly, people couldn’t stop laughing and waiting to use this trick the next time they want to block someone.

As for Alyshah and Shayyan–you’ll be happy to know they made up, but, Shayyan still hasn’t “refollowed” Alyshah on Twitter. Ouch.

h/t BuzzFeed.