This Video Of Rabid Trump Fans Attacking The Press Is Disgusting

Last night, a besieged President Trump retreated to his safe space—a campaign rally full of his fawning fans. He attacked his critics, told a bunch of lies, and bizarrely claimed you need to show photo ID to buy groceries.

But the real news coming out of the Trump rally is how unbalanced his rabid fan base has become towards any non-right-wing media organization. CNN’s Jim Acosta, a frequent target of Trump’s vitriol, received the brunt of the abuse and tweeted out a couple clips:

The crowd chants “CNN sucks” and yells at Jim Acosta to “Tell the truth!” One woman screams “You suck!” and flips Acosta off. A man proudly displays his “F-CK THE MEDIA” shirt for CNN’s cameras, reminiscent of the “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.” lynching t-shirt Walmart was forced to remove from its stores.

There were also posters promoting debunked conspiracy theories that still get pushed on Fox News, like the notion that DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered at Hillary Clinton’s behest.

Acosta, for his part, remained calm and civil in front of the angry mob:

Toothy goon Eric Trump gleefully retweeted the abuse tagging Acosta and adding the hashtag #Truth:

Which earned him a retweet from daddy (Don Jr. must be crushed!):

Acosta fired back at Eric Trump with more civility than I could muster:

As the footage of unhinged Trump supporters rocketed around Twitter, people registered their disgust:

Jim Acosta has pinned this tweet to his Twitter account, and it’s a damn good point:

With the Paul Manafort trial starting and the bad news from the Mueller investigation, Michael Cohen’s heel turn, and more trickling out, you can expect Trump to escalate his attacks on the journalists who report those stories. While no journalists have been physically attacked yet, it’s a scenario that becomes more and more likely with every Trump tweet, rally, and lie.