This Viral Thread Explains How White Supremacists Are Trained By The Military

A Coast Guard lieutenant and self-proclaimed white nationalist who was arrested last Friday on gun and drug charges was reportedly planning a mass killing. Christopher Paul Hasson, a veteran of the Marine Corps, was found with at least 15 firearms and more than 1,000 rounds of ammo in his home in Silver Spring, MD, CNN reports.

According to court documents, Hasson, 49, allegedly had a hit list of Democratic politicians and left-leaning journalists. But he wasn’t planning on limiting himself—in an email draft obtained by prosecutors, Hasson reportedly wrote, “I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth.”

In response to this, writer and army vet Charlotte Clymer wrote a thread on Twitter about white supremacists trained by the U.S. military. She explained how people are taught to be killing machines, and how that training becomes engrained in a person for the rest of their lives.

Clymer stated that she’s not a pacifist.

Because sometimes violence is necessary.

But the training is like a “rewiring of the brain.”

Clymer pointed out a number of crimes in which military veterans have been involved.

She wrote about how white supremacists are not typically seen as terrorists, although they should be.

Clymer ended her thread by drawing attention to the irony of people chalking up the terrorist acts of white supremacy to “mental health” issues in a country that doesn’t really address those issues and that also fails to restrict access to guns.

h/t: CNN and @cmclymer


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.