This Viral Twitter Thread Shows How The GOP Has Been Taken Over By White Nationalists

Author A.R. Moxon, who uses the name @JuliusGoat on Twitter, tweeted a thread today about President Donald Trump‘s usage of language that is identical to that used by white nationalists. This came after Trump declared himself a nationalist, saying “We’re not supposed to use that word.”

Moxon pointed out numerous incidences in which Trump used the same words as far right extremists and neo-Nazis.

Moxon also recalled the time that Trump used the word “infest” when talking about immigrants.

And remember the time Trump called the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people”?

On Twitter, Trump has been known to retweet accounts belonging to neo-Nazis.

Moxon pointed out that it’s not just Trump who speaks like a Nazi, but also other Republicans.

It’s true that if a person calls him or herself a Nazi, it’s probably not a bad idea to believe them.

Then Moxon focused on how Trump said that you’re not supposed to use the word “nationalist” (but, of course, he himself proudly did).

He tweeted several different people in Trump’s administration who could have been responsible for advising Trump not to use that word, all of whom have been associated with neo-Nazis in some form or another.

His guess? Stephen Miller.

Moxon went on to point out times that Trump’s foreign policies have been very similar to policies advocated for by white supremacist groups.

Food for thought, indeed.

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.