This Woman Drove Around With Kids Locked In Dog Kennels And People Are Horrified

A woman from Memphis, Tennessee has been arrested by authorities after she was caught driving her two grandchildren around in the trunk of her car–locked inside kennels made for dogs and cats.

62-year-old Leimome Cheeks was charged with two counts of child endangerment, according to reports. The police affidavit says:

Leimome Cheeks was interviewed and admitted to riding from Whitehaven to Collierville with the children in the kennel. Cheeks further advised they also drove downtown, however she checked on the children periodically and later removed them from the kennel and put them in the rear seats of her vehicle.’

As well, the report indicates that there were “no vents” in the rear of the woman’s Ford Explorer, and temperatures reached about 95 degrees. Cheeks was released from police custody on a $100 bond and appeared in court with no attorney this week.

Child Protective Services is now involved and investigating the family after the grandmother’s arrest. After the story went viral online, people were both disgusted and outraged by the idea of putting children inside dog kennels–especially in such hot weather.

Cheeks will appear in court again on July 9th. If convicted of child endangerment charges, she faces 12 years in prison.