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This Woman’s Viral Obituary Goes From Zero To Savage In Record Time

When you think about your death (yes, we all do from time to time), you hope that people will remember you in a positive way.

No one wants to leave this world knowing people absolutely hated them and are happier that they’re gone–right? Think about it: how awful must it be to know that your closest loved ones are happier that you’ve died? Ouch.

It seems as though Kathleen Dehmlow is suffering the brutal wrath of her two children because, in a recently published obituary from the Redwood Falls Gazette, they spoke of her rather unkindly (that’s putting it lightly). According to the small excerpt, Dehmlow lived a rather normal life, marrying in 1957 and having two kids: Gina and Jay. However, it begins to take a brutal turn when the obituary reveals in 1962, she had an affair with her husband’s brother and got knocked up–and then, abandoned her two children to flee to California.

The obituary ends in possibly the most savage way possible, saying that she now “faces judgment” and “will not be missed by Gina and Jay, and they understand that this world is a better place without her.”

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After the obituary was published, it quickly went viral on social media because let’s face it, we love savagery of any kind.

Twitter was clearly blown away by the pettiness of this obit.

Some people were wondering one thing though…what happened to Gina and Jay’s father?

Clearly, this is a fair lesson to all–treat your children right, or they’ll make damn sure your memory is an unpleasant one.