Republican Doubles Down On Making The Dumbest Statement In Congressional History And People Had Jokes

Dear Lord, save us all from the stupidity. It’s too much to handle.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) is now doubling down on the ridiculous comments he made Tuesday to former Secretary of State John Kelly about how his degree from Yale isn’t a “science degree.” This was all part of Massie’s attempt to discredit Kerry’s views on global warming at a House Oversight Committee hearing on the need for leadership to combat climate change. So, he’s saying that because he’s not a hard scientist, Kerry, who helped put together the 2015 Paris climate accord that President Trump pulled out of, has no place speaking about climate change.

And because it just wasn’t dumb enough the first time around, Massie, who holds two engineering degrees from MIT (I know, I can’t believe it, either), tweeted on Thursday, “When I asked Kerry if he had a science degree, he answered ‘no’ but forgot to turn his microphone on. The left has been using his flub to conceal what this exchange proved which is Kerry admitted he doesn’t have a science degree, even though his degree says ‘science.'”

Massie doesn’t seem to understand what political science is, or what a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts is. Is it because he hates the liberals? Has he never heard of political science? Don’t lots of politicians have degrees in that? It just…makes no sense. And he absolutely refuses to let it go.

Twitter stepped in, once again, to point out what a massive dolt Massie is being.

Even singer/producer/actor/Mr. Chrissy Teigen John Legend got in on the trouncing.

Massie, please give it a break. You’re just digging yourself deeper into the idiot hole.

h/t: Washington Post

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.