This Thread About How We All Need To Get Off Our Asses And Help Migrant Families Hits Way Too Close To Home

The recent news stories involving the Trump administration and their problematic policies regarding immigration are deeply troubling and indicate a need for more empathy in regards to the many migrant families who are being ruthlessly separated from one another at the border.

However, it’s highly possible that, as we go about our days and get involved in our own personal drama, we forget about this disturbing reality. So, how do we actually focus our energy on this problem long enough to actually make an active difference? Well, one recent Twitter thread is highlighting exactly how to do just that.

Recently, author Celeste Ng shared a personal story from earlier in the week that left her shaken.

Essentially, Celeste and her family had encountered a small little girl standing alone and crying on the side of a street. Apparently, the girl had been separated from her mother.

Celeste describes the sheer relief everyone felt when the child’s mother came running frantically out of a nearby shop.

Celeste empathized with the fear experienced by this mother and child, who, in that moment had been separated against their will. She then invited her followers to view this incident through the lens of the modern news cycle concerning migrant families being separated at the border.

She prompted her followers to access their empathy for these families and encouraged them to help in as many small ways as possible.

Regardless of your skill set, there are ways you can help during this crisis.