7 Times Donald Trump Awkwardly Wandered Off Like A Lost Child

We all know Donald Trump is the world’s greatest genius and a tireless worker who’s totally on top of things, right? In reality, he’s more like your average retiree. He spends hours of the day in bed watching cable news and getting cranky about it. He golfs more than he works. And he also shambles around aimlessly like he’s trying to get those extra steps in at the mall.

Trump recently wandered off the stage at the G20 summit in Argentina, leaving the president of the host country standing there wondering what the hell was going on. And it’s not the first time Trump has made a slow-paced escape from his duties either. Here are some of the most memorable of Trump’s “senior moments.” Someone needs to issue a silver alert.

1. When he strolled off stage at the G20 summit recently.

He reportedly said “Get me out of here!” (We’d love to, man.)

2. When he slowly wandered out of frame during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

3. When he forgot to sign the bill at his own bill signing ceremony.

That short, choppy jog is the most exercise he’s ever gotten.

4. Or when he forgot to sign an executive order at another ceremony and had to be chased down by Mike Pence.

Don’t worry folks, he’s definitely on top of things.

5. When he was in Poland and awkwardly roamed off to the side for some reason.

6. When he went the wrong way and had to be directed back to his motorcade.

That presidential limo sure is hard to spot.

7. When he ambled in front of the Queen and caused an international incident.

Bonus: The time he boarded Air Force One with toilet paper on his shoe: