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18 Times Trump Supporters Tried To Own Liberals But Ended Up Owning Themselves

Trump supporters aren’t the brightest people. You can tell because they got taken in by a barely literate con man who they insist has their best interests at heart, even though he constantly says and does otherwise. Unfortunately, pointing this out to them only deepens their support for Dear Leader. Oftentimes they get so giddy about trying to dunk on liberals they actually end up dunking on themselves and the rest of the internet is always happy to join in. These are some of the best Republican self-owns online this year (so far).

1. When they destroyed all their Nike gear to protest Colin Kaepernick’s ad campaign.

2. When this guy got himself banned from all Disney parks for holding up a ‘Trump 2020’ sign.

3. When MAGA nerd Jacob Wohl tried to frame Robert Mueller only to have the whole operation blow up in his face.

4. Or how about the time Wohl tried to own Chrissy Teigen and came away licking his wounds.

Don’t come at the queen.

5. The time the Kent State gun chick bizarrely tried to own her fellow students by going undercover only to prove that no one really knows who she is.

6. When a far-right YouTube personality learned what “strict border enforcement” means after getting banned from Europe for racism.

7. When an anti-#MeToo mom claimed her son was a victim of the movement, only to have her own flesh and blood put her on blast on Twitter.


8. That time right-wing grifter Candace Owens tried to use Mollie Tibbetts’ tragic death to push an anti-immigrant agenda only to get smacked down by Tibbetts’ family.

9. Or how about the time Candace Owens got owned and disowned by Kanye West, who accused her of “using” him to encourage black people to leave the Democratic party.

10. When massive transphobe Alex Jones got caught viewing “adult” trans sites on his phone.