Tinder Dude Busted Copy-Pasting Opening Lines By Women Who Turn Out To Be Roommates

Tinder is a dating app where you don’t get matched with your soulmate, you get matched with whoever responds to your opening line.

A good Tinder opening line means more matches, which is why many Romeos and Juliets copy-paste their best one over and over, hoping someone takes the bait.

As a veteran user, I can generally tell when someone is copy-pasting because their Tinder opener is usually extremely long and doesn’t reference anything specific in my profile. This is a perfect example.

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Alexa, play Yosemite

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Twitter user @asapswivel shared a few screenshots of some Tinder conversations he’s had lately, in which he told an elaborate story about dropping all the limes in a grocery store. It ends with a pun about being bad at “pick up limes.” I dunno, some women like puns!

He kept saying the same thing to girl after girl until a strange thing happened: they started saying the same thing back:


A girl named Angie replied, “Okay that was really good. I think you deserve my snap or phone number for that one.”

Then a girl named Niki said the exact same thing:


Astounded, he told Angie that he’d gotten the exact same response from another girl, because he couldn’t figure out what was happening:


She tipped him off with a YouTube clip linking to the meme “And They Were Roommates.” Because they are:


Then a little while later, Anton got a first message from a girl named Raegan. She wanted to know about these limes:


Is she the third roommate or has Anton jus become Tinder famous? His tweet has gone viral with almost 60,000 retweets. Guess people found it pretty relatable:

Folks, get it together and write an original Tinder opener! Though I guess there’s no need to when it works:

Damn. Taking limes and turning them into margaritas.