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Tinder Man’s Fatphobic DMs Go Viral, And It’s A Lesson In How Not To Talk To Women

We’ve seen our fair share of Tinder horror stories. There was the woman who received some next level salty texts from a dude she went on a single Tinder date six months prior. There was the bro whose list of racist and misogynistic ‘rules’ for his potential date appalled even the most hardened of online daters, and the dude who sent a horrifying and unasked-for list of “self-improvement tips” to a woman three months after their date.

The latest Tinder-related nightmare comes in the form of an insolent moron named Matt who messaged a woman named Emily, and, totally unprovoked, insulted her appearance and weight in one of the most dumpster-fire ways to date.

Emily Langston, a dance teacher from Essex, England, shared her conversation with Matt on Twitter, where it racked up nearly 40,000 likes in just under three days’ time.

Matt lead the conversation with a particularly creepy line: “I’m jealous of your heart, it’s pumping inside you and I’m not.” Umm???

While many of us would’ve cut off the interaction right then and there, Emily humored Matt and replied that this was a “different” sort of conversation opener. At this point, Matt completely turned on her and called her a “slag”—which, for all you Americans out there, is a SUPER SUPER SUPER RUDE THING TO SAY to a woman. Also, whoa, dude, totally uncalled for. Who hurt you, Matt???

But it only got weirder from there as Matt blamed his stuffed teddy bear ‘Olaf’ for the insult.

What ensued was another heavy dose of fatphobic and and derogatory remarks from Matt, who proceeded to ask Emily to point out which one she was in her profile picture, before inquiring whether she was “the fat one.”

Emily replied, sarcastically, “Wow you’re a delight aren’t you?” to which Matt—surprise!—issued another jeer.

emily langston fatphobic tinder message

Emily told that the conversation continued very briefly: “I didn’t chat to him any further, that was literally our whole conversation. After that, he asked if he could have my friend’s number. And then asked if I was a virgin,” and added that she “unmatched him afterwards because I thought he was an idiot!”

emily langston fatphobic tinder

On Twitter, people voiced their support for Emily and shared their own vicious Tinder tales.

Angel Delight, by the way, is an English powdered product that’s whisked with milk to create a mousse-like dessert. And, from what I hear, it is delicious.

Fellas…please, please, please don’t be like Matt.