Tinder Poet Has Unlocked The Key To Getting Nudes From Girls

Let’s admit it: we’re all here to get nudes. That’s why I was put on this earth, and on my death bed, I’ll scroll through my nudes collection until my fingers are too weak to swipe. Then my loyal butler will do it for me as I drift off into eternity. Sometime between now and death I plan to become very rich, you see. But rich or poor, everyone is naked under their clothes, and a man named Drew has recently become famous for his getting nudes strategy. His skills are so great, he has made asking for nudes into a true art form.

Drew posts to Reddit under drewhead118, sharing his Imgur galleries of conversations he has with some lucky ladies online. There are several parts to his seduction. First of all, he’s persistent. If someone doesn’t answer or unmatch, he keeps coming at them until they reply. When they finally answer, he hits them with an incredibly tempting offer—give me a topic and I’ll write you a poem. No one can resist this challenge.


Pretty impressive! But Drew’s technique has gotten even better. he’s begun to encode secret messages into his poems, with one objective: seeing boobs. As you can see, the first letter in every line of his sonnet reads “send nudes.” Genius.

Drew titled the above post “She Wasn’t Very Amused,” so this first foray into asking for nudes with poetry wasn’t very successful. Some women don’t appreciate ingenuity.

But then he reached epic heights in a post labeled, “That’s it. I’m done. I’ve actually peaked this time and I’ll never reach these heights again.”

Honestly, Drew is right. Look at this:

He. Got. The. Number.

In this instance, he asked for nudes, asked if she wanted to “smash” and for her number—and kept the whole poem in iambic pentameter. If Drew makes his number public, I’ll send him something, though it’s unclear if he also got the nudes. While Drew isn’t exactly a gentleman, since he asking for boudoir shots, he is at least willing to work for them. That’s more than most men on Tinder can say.