TLC’s New Show “Hot And Heavy” About “Mixed-Weight” Couples Is Getting Backlash

In an episode of what must surely be Black Mirror, BUT ISN’T, the network TLC announced a show called Hot And Heavy. The mess explores three straight “mixed weight” couples (men who love plus-sized women, all of whom are white).

If you’re wondering what all of that could possibly mean, it means TLC has decided a show about one larger person and one smaller person dating is, in some way, a good idea.

Here is the show’s trailer, which immediately received extreme backlash:

The show’s alleged goal is to explore the challenges that these three couples go through. And while fatphobia is a topic that deserves awareness, people took issues with a lot of the show’s approach.

For one, people hated the fact that ONLY the women were plus-size.

While there are literally hundreds of different kinds of bodies, all of which deserve love, people were shocked by how the show verges on fetishizing larger bodies, treating them like freaks.

People also thought the show did more harm by othering and exploiting the couples and the plus-sized subjects.

Overall, people thought the show was simply garbage:

Even though the show itself is a hot mess, some Twitter users pointed out the fact that, if nothing else, the show revealed the pain of fatphobia.

In the end, shows like these aim to gain viewership from trolls and naysayers—rather than to educate the public on the dangerous effects of fatphobia.