‘Apprentice’ Producer And Tom Arnold Got In A Brawl Over Trump Tapes

Tom Arnold is on a hunt for the missing Trump tapes, at least that’s the subject of his new show The Hunt For The Trump Tapes on Viceland. Arnold, a former Celebrity Apprentice contestant has alleged that damaging tapes exist from the show of Trump using racial slurs and worse. Penn Jillette, another former cast member, has corroborated the claims and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said she can’t guarantee no such tape exists.

“He says the n-word, he calls Eric [Trump] the r-word,” Arnold recently told Jimmy Kimmel about the tapes, going on to say, “There’s two people who have never called me a liar about the n-word tape: Donald Trump and Mark Burnett, because they know it’s true.”

Arnold has been trolling Apprentice producer Mark Burnett who he claims has access to the tapes but won’t release them.

The ongoing animosity between the two men reportedly boiled over into a physical altercation at an Emmys party Sunday night, with Arnold tweeting that Burnett choked him.

Burnett’s wife Roma Downey tweeted a photo of her bruised hand, claiming Arnold was the instigator in the scuffle, a charge which Arnold is disputing and threatening to sue for defamation over. (Arnold says he’s already filed assault charges against Burnett.)

Arnold claims to have a recording of the incident and a number of witnesses, including Kevin Bacon, who truly is just a few degrees away from everything.

The Hunt For The Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold premieres tomorrow night on Viceland.

h/t: Hollywood Reporter